Space boiling - You are looking at water boling in the tip of a soldering iron at the space station. This strange behavior is caused by the zero gravity environment. Click on the picture to go to the article by NASA for more information



Unit 3 - Sticky Particle Energy and States - part 1

Boling Water at -50ºC - Boiling water is rapidly forzen as it is dispersed in the air in the antartic region. The spreading of the water particles allows for faster energy transfer from the hot water molecules into the frigid antartic air. As the water particles lose their internal energy they solidify instantly. This trick only works with boling water, why? - Click on the picture for a larger sample



Our spheres also exert attractions on one another. Energy is a conserved substance-like quantity that is stored in various accounts and transferred in various ways.

Matter can exist in three phases - these are characterized by the arrangement of the particles and the attractive forces that bind them. We call these particles “molecules” from the Latin (little lumps of stuff). Energy is involved whenever the state (phase, temperature, etc) of the system changes. Attractions between particles lower the energy of the system; the more tightly bound the particles, the lower the energy due to interactions (Ei). During phase changes, changes in interaction energy (Ei) result in a new arrangement or orientation of the particles. Energy can be transferred between the system and surroundings via heating (collisions of countless microscopic particles), working (due to forces between macroscopic bodies or due to the expansion or contraction of gases) and radiating (due to the emission or absorption of photons).


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